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take the Pledge to get information about how to support Brexit on 12th December

the future of brexit will be decided in the next general election. so far parliament has successfully blocked brexit, make your voice heard by contacting your mp.

On June 23rd 2016, over 17.4 million of us boldly voted to take back control of our country. The referendum was the largest exercise in democracy in British history. However, since the referendum the establishment; comprised of  big business, MPs, the courts and the media have all colluded against the people to stop Brexit.


It's time the people reaffirmed the vote to leave by contacting their MP.

Use the form to enter your postcode to find your local MP and send them an email telling them how you feel. Please personalise it with your own thoughts on Brexit; MPs block duplicate emails so they must be as original as possible. 

Tips for writing an email to your MP:

  • Do not use abusive language as it will give your MP another excuse to dismiss your request for Brexit.

  • Tell them if you voted for them. MPs are more likely to respond if they think they're about to lose another voter. 

  • Let them know you're a supporter of The Brexit Pledge. MPs need to feel the pressure of The Brexit Pledge.

  • You must personalise your email. Most MPs block identical emails. 

The Brexit Pledge 2019


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