For ALL MPs and prospective candidates in the UK who want to uphold democracy

Show your electorate that they can trust you to deliver the return of full sovereignty to the United Kingdom."


"I pledge to support, full clean Brexit now:

  • The Complete restoration of British legislative, executive, fiscal defence and judicial sovereignty

  • The ability to pursue an independent international trade, services and foreign policy

  • On the date of exit, with no delay or deferment


Pledge now:


  •     Quick, and simple

  •     A mass public campaign backed by [xx] Brexit supporting campaigns and organisations

  •     Show your voters they can trust you, with the Brexit Pledge – ensure maximum support

  •     Be in the vanguard by signing the Brexit Pledge

  •     See how the voters in your constituency feel


Upholding democracy MATTERS to so many voters.


You are in touch with yours , but do they know your views?


Make a promise to your voters now and benefit from the support of the Brexit Coalition.

I make the promise to my voters.

The declaration that you sign to make the registration makes it clear that your details may be forwarded to any candidate (for any party) that successfully meets  the Brexit Promise in the event of a general election.

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